Gema Couret

Self-taught, born on March 6, 1967 in Havana, Cuba.

< 1990-1991 Exhibitions and sales of handicrafts in Havana.

Since 1998 Self-study of various painting techniques.

< 2002-2004 various group exhibitions in the Frameless Gallery, Berlin.

< 2005 Participation in the ceramic course by Janet Lemcke, Berlin.

< 2012 Participation in the seminar "Painting and Drawing", Arte Fact, Bonn.

< 2012 Solo Exhibition "Impressions from Havana" in Bad Neuenahr.

Since 2013 Various group exhibitions in The Art Lounge Galerie, Königswinter.

< 2014 Urban Sketching Workshop with Bernd Alder in Carlencas, France.                                      

< 2015 Motif search "In the footsteps of the Expressionists" in the South Seas.

< 2016 Participation in the group exhibition "UPSTAIRS" in Kunststueck, Berlin.

< 2018 Participation in the pastel course at Merve Bueno Marín, Königswinter.

< 2019 Opening of the Producer Gallery

"A(R)TELIER" with the solo exhibition "Poesía de las Ruinas",  Intalation, Poems and Paintings of the artist.

2019 Exhibition "Pastellbilder" in A(R)TELIER.

2019 Participation in the group exhibition "Outline of a Dream" in A(R).TELIER.

2020 Continues working with the project Sleep Art and Tea.

2021 Due to Covid-19 Pandemie is the location rented and the projekt Sleep Art and Tea temporarily interrupted.

2022 Move to Alicante where she continues creating.

2023-2024 Ceramic course by the artist Ramón Cortés, Alicante